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A Week In Our Lives: Daddy Comes Home! (Mamatography Week 6)

February 19th, 2014 | Posted by Angela in Mamatography | Wordless Wednesday

When the only posts that I am posting are Mamatography posts this is a sign that life is keeping me away from the computer.  This is my third Mamatography post in a row and yep, I have been very busy having a blast with my family.  This week was far from ordinary:  Shane came home, we spent a few days at Disney World and I celebrated a birthday…we had so much fun!

Day 36:  2/5/14

Daddy and Dell’s, this is becoming a habit (a delicious habit!).


Day 37:  2/6/14

Ava started piano lessons.  A friend of ours has children that have grown and no longer need their piano.  Everything happens for a reason!

Wordless Wednesday:  A Week In Our LIfe

Day 38:  2/7/14

We stopped to play at the river and spent the evening watching a pod of dolphins playing in the river.  I tried to get a photo but couldn’t capture a good image but I promise you it was a beautiful show!

Wordless Wednesday:  A Week In Our Life

Day 39:  2/8/14

Audrey did great at the dentist (he is amazing with kids!).

Wordless Wednesday:  A Week In Our Life

Day 40:  2/9/14

A day at the beach!

Wordless Wednesday:  A Week In Our LIfe

Day 41:  2/10/14

Audrey got dressed up in one of Ava’s old dresses and discovered an old teether from when Alex was a baby….I’m still not sure where she found the dress or the teether!

Wordless Wednesday:  A Week In Our Life

Day 42:  2/11/14

I turn 39 today.  We spent the day at Disney World, the girls enjoyed exploring the different countries at Epcot.

Wordless Wednesday:  A Week In Our LIfe

Audrey was absolutely exhausted, but not too tired to eat this Mickey Mouse treat!

Wordless Wednesday:  A Week In Our LIfe

This was certainly not another ordinary week, it was a week spent celebrating our family and the beauty of it all.  These are the types of weeks that make me realize just how lucky I am.  I am married to my best friend and we have amazing children that I get to spend everyday with learning, loving and growing.


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