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B Is For Butterfly

April 19th, 2012 | Posted by Angela in Homeschool | Lesson Ideas | unschool

We are currently working on our alphabugs lapbook/notebook.  I got the idea online but have been pulling a little bit from here and there to create our pages.  This week we are working on B is for butterfly.  Alex and Ava will both be learning about butterflies and Ava will be working on the letter b.

I picked some of the butterfly lapbook activities from homeschool share for Alex to work on.

Our B/Butterfly page turned out great!





Ava loved working on her bugs preschool pack!

We watched a video on the computer about the life cycle of a butterfly.  I also found an episode of The Magic School Bus titled Butterfly and the Bog Beast that they enjoyed.

The kids created their own butterfly using construction paper.  Next they colored pictures of the butterfly life-cycle  then cut them out and glued them on their construction paper butterflies.

We discussed symmetry and made symmetrical butterflies…Ava loves paint!

I am going to hang their bug art around the house while we work on this unit…we will have a buggy house!

The highlight of learning about butterflies was watching our painted ladies transform through their stages.  We did this a couple of weeks ago and they loved it.  Our friend placed a group order for more painted lady larvae, at a discount, so we ordered some more.  I think that they may be more excited this time around because they understand what is going to happen!

They begin as very tiny larvae…then they eat, poop, and grow.

A few days later they find their spot and hang…the kids loved watching this!

 Chrysalis’ form.

And out come the painted lady butterflies!

I did not take this shot...found it on the web

We kept the butterflies for one day then released them in our yard.  Yay, Freedom!!

Butterfly on our fence

I know that our alphabug lapbook/notebook is going to be a hit!

Next up….a trip to the pet store for some crickets :)

To see more of our learning adventures please click here.

I am linking this post over at Look What We Did.  It is a great resource for homeschooling families, make sure to hop over and check them out!

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