Living the Natural Life
Earth Mama's World

After a long break I am once again ready to share our life experiences in this space.  I have several new things that I am excited to share here:  craft ideas, home learning projects, recipes and some great homemade natural items (yay!).  Right now I would like to ease back into this and simply catch …
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Fun & Free Learning Activities: Layers of the Earth

Alex has been very excited to learn about the layers of the earth.  He loves to dig and with every deep hole he asks me how close he came to the next layer.  I was excited to introduce this topic because there are so many fun ways to discover and learn about the layers of …
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  Welcome to the January 2014 Carnival of Natural Parenting: The More Things Stay the Same This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants have talked about the continuity and constancy in their lives. Please read to the …
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Money Matters!

September 17th, 2013 | Posted by Angela Roberts in Homeschool - (0 Comments)
simply living carnival

Simply Living Blog Hop: Money Matters To switch things up a bit this month, the Simply Living Blog Carnival cohosted by Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children, Laura at Authentic Parenting, and Joella at Fine and Fair is running a blog hop! Link up all of your old, or new, posts about money. This may …
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Temperature Crafts

I have decided to attempt to write a weekly (or bi-weekly) post sharing what we are learning and discovering.  Keeping our kids home to educate them is such a huge part of our lives that I feel the need to share it here.  I feel that by sharing these posts I will not only be …
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History Odyssey By Pandia Press Review: Earth Mama's World

Alex loves history.  He chooses history books for his bedtime stories and when it is his time to pick a show on Netflix he often chooses a historical documentary.   His interest began with the big bang.  He is very curious about the chronological order of  our world.   His younger sister Ava is following …
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Field Trip Friday: Jensen Beach, FL

Wow, it has been entirely too long since I have posted a field trip Friday adventure.  This all day adventure was actually on a Thursday and as you read along you will see why.  Hint:  I am a thrifty mama! My mom was in town for this adventure, it was so nice to have her …
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I was sitting on the couch a few nights ago reflecting on the previous few weeks.   I was smiling while remembering all of the fun moments that our family had enjoyed together.  It was a very happy moment in my world however, that moment came to an abrupt end.   I started to feel anxious.  My smile slowly disappeared.  For some insane …
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Animal & Plant Cell Using Jello

This week the highlight of our home learning was discovering the cell.  I have been testing out the first few units of Science Odyssey.  Science Odyssey provides many learning ideas and opportunities that we are really enjoying.  After this week my children have a much better understanding of what a cell is and the difference …
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Neigborhood Garden

Last week we discovered our neighborhood garden.  A friend made me aware of a community event that the garden was hosting.  The community was invited to stop by, check out the garden, and learn what the garden is all about.  I was super excited because I have been looking for a service project for the …
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Sensory Play:  Homemade Snow

Today is the first day of winter.  The weather was cool and crisp when we woke up, a very pleasant surprise after the 80 degree weather we have been experiencing!   We live in Florida, experiencing snow is very unlikely, so for the first day of winter we made homemade snow. Homemade snow is great for sensory play!  The …
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Holiday Crafts And Santa Too!

December 16th, 2012 | Posted by Angela Roberts in Crafts | Homeschool - (1 Comments)
Puffy Paint Snowman

We missed our homeschool ooey gooey art class this week.  We are very lucky though because the art teacher happens to be a very good friend of ours and delivered the supplies necessary for two very ooey gooey art projects to our home.   She delivered the supplies needed for each of the kids to make an edible Christmas tree and …
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Painting Letters With Q Tips - Earth Mamas World

Ava has been very frustrated lately with her handwriting.   She sees her brother writing letters with ease and does not understand why she cannot accomplish this.  This week I have given Ava a few tools that will hopefully help build her fine motor skills and create a confidence in her that she too will be able to …
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Turkey Creek Field Trip

The weather has been very warm lately so for out Field Trip Friday outing this week we loaded up and headed to Turkey Creek Sanctuary.   We discovered this hidden treasure last year (thank you Kristi!) and it has become one of our favorite places to explore. Turkey Creek Sanctuary is located at 1502 Port Malabar Blvd. NE, …
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I recently posted about our daily learning drawers.  In that post I included what a typical learning drawer for Alex contained.  I now realize that I left something out.   Alex and Ava’s daily learning drawers contain a laminated computer card.  They look something like this (these came from KinderTastic): At some point during the day they bring …
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