Living the Natural Life
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There are affiliate links in this post, read more at the bottom. Alex loves History.  Currently, he is intrigued with American History.  One of our favorite things about homeschooling is the freedom that it provides us, one of these freedoms is deciding what topics we want to learn about.  I believe in following my children’s …
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Fun & Free Learning Activities: Layers of the Earth

Alex has been very excited to learn about the layers of the earth.  He loves to dig and with every deep hole he asks me how close he came to the next layer.  I was excited to introduce this topic because there are so many fun ways to discover and learn about the layers of …
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Temperature Crafts

I have decided to attempt to write a weekly (or bi-weekly) post sharing what we are learning and discovering.  Keeping our kids home to educate them is such a huge part of our lives that I feel the need to share it here.  I feel that by sharing these posts I will not only be …
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Animal & Plant Cell Using Jello

This week the highlight of our home learning was discovering the cell.  I have been testing out the first few units of Science Odyssey.  Science Odyssey provides many learning ideas and opportunities that we are really enjoying.  After this week my children have a much better understanding of what a cell is and the difference …
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Painting Letters With Q Tips - Earth Mamas World

Ava has been very frustrated lately with her handwriting.   She sees her brother writing letters with ease and does not understand why she cannot accomplish this.  This week I have given Ava a few tools that will hopefully help build her fine motor skills and create a confidence in her that she too will be able to …
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Our most recent learning topic has been space.  This is a topic that my little man has always been interested in.  I am not surprised as we live on the space coast! Of course a new learning topic means that we got to create a new lapbook.  I turned to Homeschool Share and found more than one awesome …
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My family lives in a state that is very relaxed in regards to homeschoolers.  We are able to decide for ourselves what we learn about and the manner in which we learn it.  I am so grateful that we have the freedom to create our families learning curriculum.  This year, our homeschool curriculum has a little bit of structure and a …
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Last week while searching for ideas for a 5-8 year old busy bag swap in I stumbled upon file folder games.  I could not believe that I had forgotten about file folder games.  I had made at least fifty of these games while pursuing my education degree. This week we started to make file folder games …
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We just finished up a mini unit on the food chain.  As always, I look for fun and free learning activities.  The kids had a blast learning about the food chain through free activities, videos, and crafts. It was no coincidence that I chose for the kids to explore the food chain once our tadpoles become frogs.  …
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We have gone a bit out of order while working on our Alphabug lapbook/notebook.  I was waiting for our ants to arrive in the mail to begin our A is for Ant page.  Well, our ants arrived and the kids were so very excited to begin to learn about ants. First, we wanted to learn hands on …
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Ava is wanting to read…desperately.  She knows all of her letter sounds well (thanks to watching  Leapfrog Letter Factory over and over again).  But, she needs a little more practice with her alphabet recognition.  I often shuffle our ABC flashcards or our laminated letter shamrocks for her to place in order on the floor.  She …
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We took a break from our Alpahabug lapbook/notebook for a while after completing our B is for butterfly page.  Ava recently asked to add to our notebook so we moved on to our C is for cricket page.  I found quite a few fun and free activities for learning about crickets.  Let the cricket learning begin! Of course …
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Learning About Pirates

June 17th, 2012 | Posted by Angela in Homeschool | Lesson Ideas | unschool - (0 Comments)

We had a chance encounter with a pirate named Dan who welcomed us onto his pirate ship. The kids were so excited that we decided to jump into pirate learning.  We live on the ‘treasure coast’ of Florida so there were some great learning resources at our fingertips! Next door to the pirate ship there is …
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B Is For Butterfly

April 19th, 2012 | Posted by Angela in Homeschool | Lesson Ideas | unschool - (8 Comments)

We are currently working on our alphabugs lapbook/notebook.  I got the idea online but have been pulling a little bit from here and there to create our pages.  This week we are working on B is for butterfly.  Alex and Ava will both be learning about butterflies and Ava will be working on the letter b. I …
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four leaf clover

This St. Patrick’s Day we are also learning about rainbows.  I thought the two went together nicely! Here are links to different FREE St. Patrick’s Day & Rainbow activities.  Have Fun!! St. Patrick’s Day Tot Pack Great St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Pack Cute Leprechaun Poem at the bottom of this page Green/St. Patrick’s Day Preschool …
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