Encouraging a healthy body image

Encouraging a Healthy Body Image

Encouraging a healthy body image is such an important part of parenting.  We practice peaceful parenting in our home,  we  use gentle ways to guide our children, so I believe that the path to my kids having a healthy body image starts with me.  A few nights ago Audrey asked me what the word “chubby” […]


The Many Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

It has been over two years since I discovered Diatomaceous earth.  I originally used it to natuarally eliminate pinworms in my daughter and it worked great!  I decided to research diatomaceous earth (DE) and discovered the many health benefits of diatomaceous earth.  Our entire family takes it daily in our smoothies and we are enjoying the […]


Sad Day

I am heartbroken and can hardly breath thinking about this tragedy.  My heart goes out to every person and family involved.  I am holding my babies a little bit tighter and I am giving them more random kisses and snuggles than usual. My children know nothing of this sad and tragic shooting.   When they are […]