Eliminating Processed Foods – Week One

Last week as a family we started to remove processed foods from our diet.  I have been pretty excited and this is how it has gone.

I have not bought any bread.  We are still sampling different recipes for sandwich bread the last loaf I made (a honey wheat loaf) seems to be doing well.  I even made some delicious whole wheat dinner rolls…kinda silly that I am so excited about this!

I usually buy lunch meat to make sandwiches throughout the week.  I buy the nitrate free but still thought I could do better.   I bought a 10 lb turkey breast and baked it.  We had dinner and have plenty for lunches throughout the week.  Not only was this a healthier alternative but a cost effective one as well.


I cook with a lot of veggie, chicken, turkey broth or stock.  Instead of spending money on the cans which are processed I have been making my own.  When I make salads I save the pieces of carrots, onion and celery that I don’t use.  At the end of the week I take the leftovers add a few other ingredients and make veggie stock.  I did the same the turkey..turned it into turkey stock.  This is healthier and cheaper!

I am replacing sugar, white & brown, with sugar with sucanat.  This is a very pure form of sugar.

As we run out of a favorite snack I am trying to make our own replacement.  This week was granola bars.  I made our own and it was a HUGE success.  I cannot wait to tweak the ingredients to make different assortments.

So slowly but surely I feel that we are on a road to a healthier life and I am super stoke about it!!


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2 thoughts on “Eliminating Processed Foods – Week One

  1. Sunshine says:

    This is so amazing, Angela Moonbeam. I can’t believe it. I don’t know how you’re doing it all. Also I forgot to comment on your other post – were you really shipping 50 things? Is your business booming? OK I’ll try to stop telling you how impressed I am with everything but I can’t help it, I really am! You’re my idol. Have you considered buying one of those carbonation machine thingies and making your own sodas so you don’t have to give up your daily Coke? I can’t stop thinking about you giving up your one Coke a day! Love you girl.

    • Angela says:

      I am totally frazzled most of the time! I am really trying hard to live in the moment and sit back and realize that I can only do what I can do…sounds easy, right?! I haven’t been able to start the business that I hope to get up and running soon BUT I am making some extra money on the side buying clothes locally and selling them worldwide (recycling right?). Shane and I are doing all that we can so that I can stay home with the kids.
      It has been 2 weeks without coke and I still feel like something is missing when I eat lunch but I am happy with my decision. I thought about one of those machines but am just going to go without for now. I drink lots of tension tamer tea!
      Thanks for being so supportive of me it really means more than you know! Love you too.

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