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Field Trip Friday: Mel Fisher’s Treasures

June 8th, 2012 | Posted by Angela in Field Trip Fridays | Homeschool | unschool

Yesterday was a rainy day.  We headed out to the library to meet some friends and hopefully check out the pirate ship that  recently docked nearby.  While at the library we grabbed a few books on pirates, to go along with our hopeful pirate encounter.

The kids stared out the library window at the pirate ship docked in the rain.  The rain didn’t seem to be letting up so we called it a wash.  We loaded up in our cars, with very bummed kids, and drove to the side of the library for one final look at the ship.  The kids were so disappointed that Kristi and I decided to let the kids walk up the dock and at least get a close up look of the ship.

As we were on the dock in the drizzling rain pirate Dan welcomed us aboard.  He made six kids and two mamas so very happy!

As we boarded the ship the rain stopped.  This day was perfect.  Pirate Dan gave the kids a lesson in sword fighting, Alex is still talking about how he chopped off a pirates arm!

Ava dressed in her 'pirate' shirt

We had a blast on the ship then said farewell to the very friendly pirate.  As we left a few dolphins made an appearance making the day even more awesome.

We loaded the kids up in our cars (again).  Kristi and I discussed our plans for the upcoming field trip Friday.  We decided to stay with the pirate theme and head to a treasure museum for our field trip Friday.

We live on the treasure coast of Florida and actually had two treasure museums to choose from.  For today’s field trip we chose to visit Mel Fisher’s Treasures in Sebastian Florida.  Mel Fisher is a famous treasure hunter.  His family sought out treasure together.  They finally found the  ‘mother load’ off of the Florida Key’s in 1985.  At his museum you can look at, and even purchase, many of his finds.


Not sure what they were whispering about

Audrey checking out the 'bling'

holding an actual gold bar!

The museum was not very big, I hear the one in the Keys is much larger, and we were able to go through it in an hour which was perfect for the kids.  If we didn’t have six kids with us I am sure that we could have spent much more time!

After our visit at Mel Fisher’s Treasures we headed to a park to burn off some steam.  It is June in Florida so we headed to a splash park!

 After the water play we walked across the street to the river before heading home.

Again, we were greeted by a dolphin.  What a great end to our Friday field trip!

A chance encounter with a pirate has led us off on another homeschooling journey….pirate learning!

I love homeschooling.


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