Field Trip Friday: To The Beach!

The kids are just recovering from being sick for over a week.  We are still coughing so I was not going to take them to a public place where we would get others sick.  I decided that the beach would be a wonderful place for our field trip Friday. 

getting used to walking on sand











This kids loves to dig!

The sun, surf, and sand healed us even more on this beautiful Friday!

I love homeschooling!

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2 thoughts on “Field Trip Friday: To The Beach!

  1. We got 2 days of sun last week (those were the first in a long time and the temp only got into the 60s) and that was it. Back to overcast and chilly. Even though I’m not a beach person I wouldn’t have minded joining your Friday field trip. I could use sun and warmth!

    • Angela says:

      You are in a beautiful place too! We really didn’t have much of a winter this year. I have to admit that I miss the changes of seasons…we really don’t have that here.

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