Fieldtrip Friday: Georgia Trip

We spent the last week in Georgia visiting my mom and her husband, AKA Memaw and Papa.

They live outside of Atlanta in a country setting.  The kids and I absolutely love it there.

We had a great time!

We played in the country…..

 Ava learned to drive the ‘little’ Gator…..

Alex learned to drive the ‘big’ Gator….

We spent a fun day at Stone Mountain…..

We loved riding the Duck.  It is a bus that drives you to the lake and then into the lake!

We rode the tram to the top of the Mountain.  I realized again that I am becoming claustrophobic!  The kids loved exploring the top of Stone Mountain.

Alex loved riding the train.

He played mini golf for the first time.  Of course he beat his Papa!

We didn’t stay for the lazor show, next time.

We visited the Yellow River Game Ranch.  The animals there are mostly rescue animals that could not survive the wild on their own.

The kids got a kick out of General E. Lee.  A retired Groundhog Day groundhog.  He has a nice home now.

The Ranch was devastated by a flood a few September’s ago and is slowly rebuilding.

We are now home and getting back into our groove….whatever that is.  Going on trips are so exciting and fun.  It also seems that coming home is equally as fun!

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