Finding Our Groove

It has been a week since Shane, AKA daddy, left to start his new job.  He is over 1,000 miles away and will be gone for 30 day stretches.  Slowly, but surely, we are finding our new groove.  Even though we have found our groove I want to make it clear that we miss him tremendously.  He is an amazing daddy to our kids and an amazing husband to me.  I miss Shane very much but I know that this change is for the greater good of our family.

I am having to remember to do things that I never did before.  I take out the trash, scoop dog poop, and get the coffee ready in the evening.   Alex is my big helper.  He cleans the pool every day for me and helps me clean the house.   Ava misses her daddy and makes him love cards.  She is coming into bed with Audrey and I every night. 

My goal has been to wear the kids out….each day and every day.  It makes for a super fun day and a super easy bedtime!

Today has been a smooth fun-filled day.  We started with a morning trip to the zoo with friends to check out the dinosaur exhibit.

It is spring break here so the zoo was very crowded.  My kids got overwhelmed and we ended our zoo trip a little early.  The girls napped on the way home.

We arrived home to find our painted lady butterfly larvae waiting for us at the front door.  Ava was so very excited!  She watched them move around for at least an hour.

Alex began work on his butterfly lapbook.

I surprised the kids and brought in an unused beach tent from the garage.  We used teamwork and set up the tent in the living room.

They are having a blast.  So far it has been a house, a cruise ship, and a restaurant. 

I think I will let them eat dinner in it and possibly even camp out overnight.

Our routine is definitely different, but we are doing okay.  I am already planning the fun things that we will do when Shane comes home for his break.  It isn’t the typical family situation but honestly, what is typical and who wants to be typical?  Just a thought.

I love my family and I love homeschooling!

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3 thoughts on “Finding Our Groove

  1. Bridget says:

    We hatched butterflies for a science project. It was neat to watch. When we were kids we would get tadpoles and watch them turn to frogs (that’s really neat) I think you can get the kits on line. I never did it with Ty and Nate but I think your kids would love it.
    Glad you are finding your groove. I know it’s hard but you are strong!

  2. Angela says:

    We have a tadpole kit that I am going to do next! Thank you for your support….and go Mustangs!
    We can’t wait to see you in June, love you!

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