First Day of February Filled with Love!

This is a post about a day in the life of my family.  A day filled with love.  I am excited to be linking up with So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler  for a Thursday Blog Hop!  I am new to the blogging community and am really excited about it!

I love February.  Both my husband and I have birthdays in February.  This year is especially special because my hubby is a leap year baby and actually gets a birthday day.  Alex thinks it is hilarious that his daddy will only be 10 years old this year.  I love my husband.   I also LOVE Valentines Day!

The kids woke up and I informed them that it was a new month.  The month of February.  I talked to them about Valentines Day and explained that it is a day when we celebrate love.  Ava reminded me that it is about getting candy too!

After breakfast, I gave them the task of talking together and coming to a joint decision on something that they would both love to do today.  Can you tell that I am trying to focus on siblings working together and getting along?  They went off and returned with a plan.  They would love to go to a park…right now.  Well then, off to the park we went!

We discovered new playground equipment and lots of kids at the park but they had more fun exploring together.  Yep, I said together!  They found a rock with a hole in the middle and had a blast climbing through, on, and around.


We played until belly’s started to growl.  I asked them what they would love for lunch.  Alex would love a BBQ sandwich & fries.  Ava would love chicken & fries.  I had leftover chicken and BBQ in the fridge and baked some homemade fries.  We were loving this day of love!

After lunch we worked on a Valentines Day craft.  I had seen a post about making symmetry hearts here .  We cut our hearts and discussed the symmetry of the heart shape.

I then brought out the paint.  Ava loves anything that involves paint.


Audrey loved paint.  Really really loved paint!


I attempted to have them paint only on one side of the heart, so we could make symmetrical hearts, but it really didn’t go as planned.  I rolled with it and loved their non symmetrical hearts!


The kids had a great time making and painting hearts.  I will surprise them tomorrow morning by hanging them around the house.

I found a way to incorporate Science into our day of love.  We have been learning about the human body so I figured since we were beginning our Valentine crafts what better time to learn about the heart.

Alex was surprised when I gave him a copy of a heart diagram.  He couldn’t believe it wasn’t in the shape of a heart.  He actually seemed a little disappointed as if he had been mislead.  I saw a new learning possibility.  We went to the computer to google the origin of the heart shape.  There were so many different opinions on this topic we discussed the different ideas.  I am now intrigued and will be looking into it more after bedtime!

Back to the heart diagram.  Alex and Ava colored their heart.  Red for areas with the most oxygen.  Blue for the areas with the least.


We discussed the functions of the heart.  This led to a cool idea I had seen online (see it here) about replicating a drop of blood.  I taught them about plasma, platelets, white & red blood cells and the function of each.  Next we went to the kitchen and retrieved the ingredients for our project:  a jar, corn syrup, red hots, lima beans, and small northern beans.

Alex poured the bottle of corn syrup into the jar representing the plasma.


We added red hots to represent red blood cells,  lima beans to represent the white blood cells and northern beans for the platelets.

They loved checking out their drop of blood in a jar!  We also learned that they do NOT enjoy red hots. Oh well, more for me!


The first day of February came to an end.  We had an awesome day.  I truly felt surrounded by love.  I look forward to everyday leading up to Valentines Day…and everyday after!


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3 thoughts on “First Day of February Filled with Love!

  1. Angela, this is fabulous! Thank you for sharing so much of your beautiful family with us! How cool that your hubby is a leap year baby, at some point, the children will be older than their father….LOL 🙂 I love that science project, we’ll have to check into that one later on this spring. Thank you for linking up and I look forward to more of your posts 🙂

    • Angela says:

      Carlie, my stepdaughter is 15 and loves that she is older than her daddy! Thank you so much for providing me the opportunity to link up with you, I look forward to your posts as well 🙂

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