Fun Crazy Week

What a fun and crazy week it has been!   This week we had a  ‘surprise’ visit from my mom and Chris AKA Memaw and Papa.  You could say that this week was our homeschool spring break…another advantage to homeschooling…we can take breaks when it fits our needs!

I decided that I would sum up our fun and crazy week up with some pictures…..

As well as enjoying their Memaw and Papa the girls really enjoyed special guest Bella!

Memaw and Papa took Alex and Ava to the fair, the camera stayed behind, while Audrey and I hung out at home.  They had a blast and couldn’t stop talking about it. 

The kids were treated to a trip to the toy store!  Alex got two huge Lego sets.  Ava picked out the Sassy Salon, she was adamant about getting this…

Ava and her 'Sassy Salon'

On Monday we took Ava to get her haircut for the first time.  She was so good, she never cried (or talked), and was so proud of herself when it was all done.

Tuesday we hit the zoo.  On this hot day the highlight was playing in the water. 

Alex also enjoyed building a fort out of bamboo and palm frawns.

Wednesday we stayed around the house doing yard work and coloring Easter eggs.  I love coloring eggs with the kids!

Thursday was Memaw and Papa’s last day here.  We were going to go to the tide pool to play but it looked like rain so we went to the Environmental Learning Center.  This is such a fun place for the kids to learn and play.

It never did rain.  After dinner we hit the beach.  The waves were too big for the kids to play in the ocean.  They had fun watching the surfers and playing in the sand.

Riding home....almost ready for bed!

Friday we had to say goodbye to our guests.  We decided to have a mellow day and relaxed at home.

Saturday we had a blast hunting Easter Eggs.  Audrey caught on quickly!

We ended this exciting day with dinner and play at the park.  I was hoping to wear the kids out so they would go to bed early on Easter Eve (so I could get some bunny work done!). 

We ended the week with Easter Sunday.  The kids stayed in their jammies while we played and ate candy. 

Alex asked to give our butterflies an Easter gift and release them so they could be free.  The butterflies were so fun to watch as they flew off…free.

Butterflies about to fly out

One of  the butterflies hung around in our backyard for quite a while!

Butterfly on our fence

Now that this fun and crazy week is over I have to start planning for this weeks learning.  Ava has requested to learn about bugs.  I’m thinking ladybug larvae will be a necessity!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful week!! 

I love homeschooling!!



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2 thoughts on “Fun Crazy Week

  1. Bridget says:

    Looks like you had a great visit with Sandy and Chris. Loved that you set the butterflies free….we set ours free after the “science project” was done. Can’t wait to see you guys in June. Tell the kids to save all the “RED” jelly beans for me…
    Love you!

    • Angela says:

      We can’t wait to see you too!! Alex says that he will give you all of his RED jelly beans 🙂 Love you too!

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