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Fun Heart Shaped Foods For Valentines Day

February 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Angela in Family Fun!

Beginning on the first day of February I enjoy serving my children heart-shaped foods to get them excited for Valentines Day.  It is usually just one or two items a day but on the first day of February every meal included a heart-shaped food.  This makes the kids so happy and excited about Valentines Day.  I enjoy it because we get to discuss love at every meal!

We started the day by changing the calendar.

The kids understood it was a new month and that Valentines Day is on the 14th.  I reinforced this first day of February all day during meal times and snacks.

Breakfast:  heart-shaped pancakes….

Lunch:  heart-shaped sandwich served with heart-shaped cucumber slices…

Snack:  heart-shaped banana muffins…

Dinner:  veggie noodle soup with heart-shaped carrots served with heart-shaped dinner rolls…

Desert:  heart shaped homemade ice cream…

And to end our day full of love we were presented with an absolutely amazing sunset!

I enjoy making fun foods for my children.  They are excited to see what foods they will be served in the next 13 days!  Do you make special holiday themed foods for your children?



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