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Hi!  If you are reading this I want to thank you.  I have begun this blog to journal my adventures in life.  I am now taking on homeschooling and know it should be quite interesting and I want a place to keep track of what I am doing and be able to look back and see what works and what doesn’t.  I plan to bare it all…smiles, laughter, cries, frustration, and all of the other emotions that are sure to come.

I am not a seasoned homeschooler….yet.  But along my journey I hope to share what my kids and I are doing and how we are doing it.  This includes lesson ideas.  My oldest son, Alex, is just beginning kindegarten so you are catching me at the beginning of my homeschooling adventure.  I also have Ava who is 3 years old and Audrey who is almost one.  My biggest hurdle right now is figuring out when to fit Alex’s bookwork into our schedule while keeping the girls content…we’ll see! 

Some Additional things I may blog about…….

Going Green:

This is not really related to homeschooling but it is a passion of mine.  Since I had my first child going ‘green’ has become a priority.  I have made many little steps and have many more to go.  I am trying to do this in an affordable fashion so most ideas are not the expensive store bought ideas.  So why not share, and others can share with me!

Homeopathic Remedies:

I am sure I will write a blog on why I became interested in homeopathic remedies so I will just briefly mention that this is a lifestyle change that I am making as well!

And lastly and most tastily (is that a word?) recipes!!!

I LOVE TO COOK!! And, I love to share recipes so I hope to do that as well.  I also hope some of you will share back with me!

Black Bean Brown Rice filling for enchiladas...yummy!!

So, welcome to my blog and thank you for checking it out!   J



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