Homemade Blackened Seasoning

I have been making homemade blackened seasoning for over eight years now.  I guess this would be the first homemade spice blend that I ever made.  I started making this because I couldn’t find a blackened seasoning that had a nice kick without all of the salt.  I was making this prior to my quest for healthier eating.

I use this spice quite often.  I have been making it for so long that I measure ‘loosely’ and because of this some batches are spicier than others….I like it that way.  I love to use it in my spicy shrimp pasta and it is wonderful sprinkled on tuna or chicken prior to baking or grilling.  I sometimes add ‘kick’ to breaded fish or chicken by adding this to the bread crumbs or panko.  I guess you could call this homemade blackened seasoning my all spice!

Now that Shane works away from home frequently I don’t cook as many spicy meals as I would like because the kids don’t like spicy and I don’t like cooking two different meals.  I keep this seasoning on hand so that I can grill a piece of fish for the kids with little, or no, seasoning and then add some spice to mine…we are all satisfied!

All you have to do is mix up the following spices (I often double this recipe because I use it so often):

1 Tablespoon paprika, 2 Tablespoons sea salt, 1 teaspoon onion powder, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon white pepper, 1 teaspoon black pepper

I store mine in a mason jar and use often.


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    • I leave the blackened off of their fish or chicken. I love it but there is no way that they would eat it!

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