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Homeopathic Remedies – Why we embrace them!

October 5th, 2011 | Posted by Angela in Homeopathic Remedies

All of my kids recently had a birthday.  Alex turned 6, Ava 3, and Audrey 1.  And of course you know what birthdays bring…cake, parties, presents and the  ‘well’ doctors visit.  It has been 4 days since this ‘well’ visit and I now have 3 sick kids.  I can tell you that I am OFFICIALLY done with well visits. I realize that I am now fully confident with my ability as my children’s MAMA to care for and treat them to the best of my ability.  Of course if I feel that a doctors visit is necessary then we go.  It has taken me two years to get to this point but I am happily here.

Here is how I got to this point…

I put Alex in preschool two years ago.  A few weeks into school he woke up crying that his ears hurt.  Oh no..his first ear infection I thought.  So first thing in the morning (Halloween Day) off to the doctor we go to confirm my suspicion.  Yep, it’s a double ear infection and we receive our first prescription for an antibiotic.   He took his amoxicillin on schedule and shortly after each dose he would cough and cough until he would vomit.  I expressed my concern to the doctor and she explains to me that he just has a sensitive gag reflex.  A few days and many phone call later I again express my concern over the fact that he continues to vomit, sometimes even in his sleep.  She switched him to a different antibiotic.  He recovers even though I am sure that we didn’t give him the entire bottle of antibiotic.

Christmas rolls around and both Alex and Ava get sick.  Off to the doctor we go.  They both have an ear infection and they both get prescribed antibiotic.  I again express my concern and remind the doctor of his previous vomiting.  I was assured that the two had nothing to do with each other.  This time we got numbing drops from their ears and I loved these drops…it would rapidly ease their pain. Alex once again vomits daily.  He fights taking his medicine.  I beg and bribe him to take it.

One night after dinner I notice red spots on Alex’s arms.  Hmmm I wonder.   Could it be the chicken pox?  I was talked into the vaccine (I was mistakenly told he couldn’t go to school without it) but could he maybe still have contracted the pox?  He begins to itch.  I get him into the bath and notice his knees are extremely swollen.  I begin to worry.  I give him some benadryl and put him to bed.  Google was my friend and enemy that night.  I concluded he was most likely allergic to penicillin.

This is what my baby boy looked like when he woke up.

red itchy splotches everywhere and totally swollen











all of his joints were very swollen

The next morning I frantically wait until 9:00 on the dot to call the doctors office.  I get through, explain this serious situation and am told to come in at 11:45.  Really?  11:45?  Why are they not as frantic as I am about this?  It was unbelievable to me.  I waited and waited until it was time to go.  At this point I had to carry him.  His joints were so swollen and he was in so much pain he could not stand let alone walk.

Doctor comes in and looks at Alex.  Yep, he’s allergic to penicillin.  Really?  Are you kidding me?  She says this so casually as if I never made those 10 plus phone calls voicing my concerns regarding the antibiotic.  So she tells me not to give it to him anymore (duh) and prescribes steroids for his joint swelling.  I go home feeling so horrible.  I had begged and pleaded with my baby to take this medicine that was poisoning him.  I ignored that mommy voice that was screaming in my head.

The next day the doctor calls to check on Alex.  I tell her it is no better.  The swelling has not gone down at all.  She asks me to come in.  She looks at Alex and then looks at his chart.  She tells me that she has given him the incorrect dose of steroids.  She acts as if this is no biggie, and she ups his dose. She graciously tells me that she will refund my payment for the visit, we had no insurance at the time.  I never received any refund.

I did however receive something worth much more than the $50 office visit.  Validation.  Validation of my mama instinct.  Validation that I am his mama and I am competent to take charge of his health care.

I have an amazing friend that spoke to me often about the healing power of herbs. I recalled our conversations and called our local herb shop.  I picked up some burdock root to make tea for Alex.  He began to feel better.

he had to use two hands to hold the whisk he was still so swollenbeginning to feel better











I took him to the chiropractor.

My amazing friend, Katy, brought me her personal library of books and gave me all of her support.  I immersed myself researching homeopathic remedies.  It was eye opening and empowering.  Simply amazing.

I began to order herbs.  I learned make tinctures, syrups, and teas for our family.  My most used to this day is garlic & mullein ear drops.  Remember those ear drops that I mentioned earlier.   These work just as well as those if not better.  My kids ask for it when their ears hurt.  I also invested in an otoscope so I can simply look into their ears to see if there is an infection.

My kids love helping me make their medicines and even enjoy drinking tea with me.

I honestly don’t think that our doctor didn’t care I just think that she is too darn busy.   I guess since all of this happened I still hadn’t fully validated my Mama instinct as I still took them to the ‘well’ visit last week.  But I can assure you that will be the last well visit we attend.

All of us mamas need to realize that these are our kids and we know them best.  We need to embrace that voice in our head and give it credit…it is often correct.  A great book to read is Naturally Healthy Babies and Children A Commonsense Guide to Herbal Remedies, Nutrition, and Health by Aviva Jill Romm.

I believe that it is a great gift to give our children.  To teach them that they are in control of their own health.  Teach them to lead a healthy life in order to prevent ailments.  Teach them that they don’t have to quickly run to the doctor at every runny nose or cough.  Teach them to realize that in many cases they can heal themselves.

Again, I am not at all saying not to go to the doctor but just be aware.  Sometimes this awareness can make all of the difference.

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15 Responses

  • Maura Linger says:

    I just got back from taking Micah to the ER because of a purple/red dots that are covering his whole body. Not to mention the insane patch of red that is on his back side that they say is a diaper rash. I have never in my life seen a diaper rash like that! It is not raised or hurting him just a lacie patch of redness. He has been taking amoxicillan (probably spelt that wrong but whatever) for a week now and has had diarrhea from the start. Personally, I think it is from the flippin antibiotic. This rash thing has me a bit freaked it all appeared and worsened in a 3hr time span. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Angela says:

      oh no! I am so sorry that you are going through this. Did they tell you to stop the antibiotic? It was 8 days after he started the antibiotic when the rash and swelling appeared. Trust your Mama gut Maura!! Audrey had what I think was hand, foot, mouth and it began in her diaper area but it was a raised rash. I will be thinking of you and Micah and hoping for a speedy recovery.

  • Sunshine says:

    Buck is allergic to amoxycillin too. I don’t know about Bibi because since she was breastfed her first year she has not been sick much (knock on wood) so she hasn’t had to go on anything yet. As hard as I tried with Buck I could never get him on the breast so he’s had a lot more ear infections. I love, love, love herbs and would love to hear a lot more from you about what to do with them. I will definitely contact you BEFORE the doctor!! Maybe along with your recipes you could post some remedies? Poor Alex in those pictures, hard to look at. Going to pack B+B for the G-parents now, love you!

    • Angela says:

      I didn’t know he was allergic. It is so scary. Ava had no reaction to penicillin but she is allergic to the green icing at Publix. They say that prolonged nursing wards off alergies but it didn’t work for us! I just started the book you sent, I am so freaked out! I will start putting homeopathic recipes on here to…first being the numbing ear drops! Good luck getting the kids packed, love you too!!

  • Kelly says:

    I would love to see your recipe for the ear drops…and anything else you include in your ‘arsenal’. This last time that A was sick with a fever was really the first time I have felt confident enough to ride it out without treatment. I’ve read alot about fevers and letting it run it’s course but have always had an unspoken ‘limit’ of 103…If the fever got that high, then I treated it. This time, her fever was 104-105. I consulted our doc and he supported my riding it out and it really felt great doing what I know was best for her. Thankfully he is supportive or I may have reached for some OTC stuff again. Instead, someone told me to do cool compresses with a washcloth soaked with apple cider vinegar. That really seemed to bring it down at least 2-3 degrees in a short amount of time. I think it’s all about learning and giving yourself the tools to tackle what comes at you. The more I learn, the more confident I become. You are a great inspiration to me…keep it up!

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  • richard says:

    I remember as a little boy when I had a fever that my mom would rub vick’s vapor rub on the sole’s of my feet then put thick socks on.
    Always broke the fever.

  • richard says:

    Oh yeah,
    Forgot to mention that my mom is full blooded Japanese always doing home remedies

  • Tiffany says:

    I’m sitting here rocking my 6 month old who is teething and constantly pulling at his left ear. I bought some garlic and mullein oil today and used it for the first time. Reading what you wrote about that momma instinct I feel so much better. I am a new mom and new at the homeopathic lifestyle. I have never felt so right about something, but my family and friends all think I’ve gone crazy. My husband is very supportive and I’m thankful for that. I feel so alone in all this. I have chosen not to take my son to his 4 or 6 month well visits and the 2 people I’ve told have acted like I was somehow abusing my child. It’s so nice to read other moms stories and know that I’m not the only one who feels this is the right thing. Thank you for sharing!

    • Angela says:

      Good for you Tiffany! I am telling you that the moment I trusted and empowered myself as a mama changed my life (and my kids!). My family thought I was a bit nuts at first too but they now see how awesome our kids are and realize it is due to the way that we live, naturally & peacefully. My children haven’t been to a well visit in years, it seems when they did they got sick! I hope your little one is feeling better, please keep in touch. :)

  • pls email me where i can buy garlc Mullein oil here in the phillippines tnx

  • Cindy says:

    Hi there,

    I have just purchased my first bottle of Mullein Garlic. I have chronic sinusitis and always an ear infection along with it. I am so tired of antibiotics… Can you tell me about how long the ear drops take to start working? and any suggestions for sinusitis?


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