Letting A Fever Run It’s Course While Trusting Myself As A Mama

This is the second day that Audrey has had a high fever.  She has been averaging 103 degrees farenheit.  I have been holding off on giving fever reducers and letting the fever simply run its course.  This is something I would have never done with my first child, Alex.

With Alex I did not trust myself as a mother.  I was never told that I should or could trust myself as a mother.  At the first sign of fever I would quickly give him a dose of fever reducer. Then, I hate to admit this, call the doctor and make an appointment.  It wasn’t until his allergic reaction (you can read about that here) when I realized that I know my children best and in most cases am quite capable of taking care of all of their needs, medical needs included.

My second child, Ava, never really had fevers so I never struggled with to treat or not to treat.

Back to Audrey.  I can tell you specifically when she got sick.  Four days ago we were playing at the park.

Audrey playing at the park

There was a little boy following my kids around coughing while sporting a very snotty nose.  He was very sweet but also very sick.  I knew that one of my kids were destined to get sick from this boy, who in my opinion should not have been at the park.  Late the next afternoon Ava and Audrey had fevers around 100 degrees F.  That night Ava fell asleep with no worries.  At 9:00 PM Audrey woke up on fire.  She has maintained a fever averaging 103 degrees F.

Ava woke up in the morning with no fever.  I let Audrey’s fever run it’s course through the night and the following morning.

The next afternoon I had a moment of weakness when her fever spiked to 104.4 F.   I called our pediatrician.  I had an irrational worry of meningitis.  Honestly, I think I simply needed some sort of reassurance.  Well, I called the wrong place for that.   They let me know that I should most certainly be giving her Motrin and  Tylenol on rotation and should bring her in so they could check her ears.   I kindly let Patty, the nurse, know that even if she did have an ear infection I would not be placing Audrey on antibiotic so I felt it was very unnecessary to bring her in.  The call was rather pointless and I am sure that Patty wondered why I even called but, here is the clincher, I hung up and gave Audrey a dose of Motrin.  Yep, I did it and she felt better….for about 3 hours.  After those 3 hours the fever went right back up.  I have not given her any medicine since.

She has no interest in eating or drinking from a sippy cup.  She is nursing almost constantly and I allow her to.    She is having very wet diapers throughout the day showing that she is not dehydrated.  Reassurance came when a friend  gave me a simple natural tip for easing a fever.  Audrey finds this very soothing and it is so very simple.  Simply soak a washcloth in cool water mixed with  apple cider vinegar and put on the baby.  Audrey loves it, she will  hold the cloth on her head, it is apparent that she enjoys it.

I know that I am meeting her needs by wearing/caring her all day, breastfeeding on demand, and co-sleeping.   She is not crying or complaining.  She is very content in my arms.

Sweet Snotty Audrey


Reading a book to Ava with Audrey asleep on me










I  feel that a fever serves a purpose.  Audrey’s  fever is fighting an infection that has invaded her sweet little body.  I read a great post ‘Fever is your friend’  and it really reassured me.  Please know that I am not a doctor and don’t recommend any treatment for anyone else’s child.  I use the doctor when I feel that it is necessary.  In this situation I felt that visiting the doctor was quite simply not necessary.  I am very happy that I have empowered myself, the mama in me, and know that I am capable of making the best decisions for my babies.

I will say that even though Audrey is obviously quite sick she is very calm and content.  She is and will be okay.  I am her mama and I know what is best for her.

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11 thoughts on “Letting A Fever Run It’s Course While Trusting Myself As A Mama

  1. Odessa says:

    So great to see! I am a huge supporter of letting fevers run their course. I get a lot of criticism for it but I also get a lot of questions. If I am raising awareness I am willing to deal with some nay sayers 🙂

  2. Marie says:

    Hi, I just started following your page. I love finding moms that feel the same way I do:) I did the same with my first, except she didn’t see the doctor often b/c she was hardly sick. And now, having 3 children, I always question am I making the right decision. My 11 month old last week spent the entire night nursing, moaning, holding my hand, and having a high fever. She was well by the next night. Now my son has had a fever all day, he is 3 and doesn’t nurse anymore, but I’ve held him most of the day and now is laying in my bed with his older sister:) I just checked on him, and his fever seems to have passed:) People think I’m crazy and sometimes I think I am, too, but so far, I haven’t messed up yet!

    • Angela says:

      Hi Marie! Thank you for stopping by 🙂 I hope that everyone is feeling better. People think that I am crazy too and I am okay with that!

  3. Bellflowerboyz says:

    Hi there, first off I am a single Father of two boys and I raised my Step-Daughter since she was 2 all the way to 12. This topic came up when my friend’s 3 year old got a fever last night (102.7) and the he disapproved of giving him fever reducer. His Wife argued. My guess is Wifey won but I haven’t called him yet.

    What I don’t understand is what is wrong with fever reducer? I have always used it without any repercussions. In most cases I give it to them with a low grade fever and the fever never comes back, also they don’t suffer as much. Second when the fever is bad and continues to come back after a set amount of days ( for me it has to be 3 or more) I then take them to the Doctors and get anti- biotic. Again they get well very quick and no repercussions. It is actually very rare I go to the Doctors. As a matter of fact I have taken my 6 year old once for dehydration ( was an unnecessary visit) and my 4 year old once for a week long fever that just would not break.
    What I am saying is my way keeps them from getting the chills and suffering more than they have to and it works without anything negative or any side affects. So why is it so important to flirt with a fever in which your kid will suffer more and the fever may or may not go away (specifically high grade fevers). Is it a macho thing or did you hear that fever reducer causes side affects. If so do you have an example.? A real example not an urban legend?

  4. Meagan says:

    Great post! My little man Alex is currently running a fever. Everytime he gets sick i feel as though I am going to have a panic attack. I have been doing much research myself on fevers here recently. I just got tired of going to the ER in the evening and being instructed on alternating acetaminophen and ibuprofen. It was also very evident that the doctors liked to write prescriptions for antibiotics, which I never filled. The thing with Alex is he started having simple febrile seizures around 15 months. He is nearing 2 years old now and has had a total of 5 febrile seizures. Despite feeling like I was going to have a heart attack each time he had one, i now know he is the same child after the seizure passes as he was before. In fact, he is a very smart little toddler. Alex and i sleep beside eachother and after i had administered one of the fever reducing meds noticed he would still have a seizure each time. I felt like a total wreck at the time. One of his twin sisters also had a febrile seizure when she was 15 months. I don’t know if she had any more since I didn’t co-sleep with her at the time due to being told it was dangerous (I was 20 at the time I had my twins). She may have had more, since I found with my babies the spike in temps. more so occured in the evening after I put them down for sleep. I breastfed all my babies until 2 and am currently still nursing my son Alex, despite much hassle from well meaning family members to wean. I came here looking for additional reassurance to trust in my ability to mother my children and am glad I did. No one ever told me fevers can be good in some instances. Guess sometimes we momma’s instinctively know whats best.

  5. Michelle says:

    I have 4 children and I always let my kids fevers run their course. I find they don’t last as long and the body has gotten rid of whatever was causing the infection. I also use homeopathic drops as we’ll during this time for temperatures. This also helpes relieve the fever.
    I made the mistake of giving my son some pain relief as he had a headache and temperature and he was going on camp the next day. He didn’t want to miss it. The next day he was ok but a few days later he has had ear infections and swollen glands.
    My daughter had the same virus a couple of days later. I let her temperature run it’s course and she is fine.
    I know now that letting the temperature/fever run it’s course is the best way.

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