New Year 2012!!

Today is the first day of 2012.  This is the day for resolutions.  I have been wondering what mine would be and I just decided on mine while putting Audrey to sleep.  I will blog everyday.  Every single day.  I have really slacked off recently due to the sickies in my house and the whirlwind of chaos that the holidays bring.

I realize that I missed a lot of fun family events and this was the reason that I began to blog…to journal my family’s journey…and I have been a SLACKER.  My 2012 resolution:  Blog everyday.

I am going to briefly recap the end of our 2011 year, due to my lack of blogging.

Twas the day before Christmas and we got busy on fun holiday activities.  We put together our cute picture boxes and filled them with goodies, including the Borax crystals we made.

finished photo box!!



Our Borax Snowflade Crystal after sitting overnight










We really slowed down on schoolwork and focused on a few fun holiday activities.  We spent a week studying and working on an arctic animal lapbook.  Next made a cute The Night Before Christmas Lapbook.  Ava is really enjoying doing ‘school’ and she worked on a Winter preschool pack.

I found a cute idea online for reindeer pancakes and made them for Christmas Eve breakfast and the kids loved them!

Rudolph pancackes

We attempted to make a gingerbread barn but it would not stay together at all.  I will have to find tips for this next year.  However, Ava really enjoyed eating away at it!

delicious gingerbread barn!


The weather was quite delightful here for the holiday.  While I was in the kitchen prepping out for the big day the kids actually went swimming out back!

Christmas was a big success and now it seemed we needed some family downtime.  Shane has been working practically 7 days a week so we took our first family camping trip.  It was amazing!  We spent New Years weekend at Blue Springs.  This is where many manatees retreat during the winter months and it is quite beautiful and peaceful.


We went with a group of friends and their families and had a blast.  Camping is certainly an activity we are going to do often!

We ended 2011 an a family snuggled together in a tent listening to fireworks.  I would not change a thing.  I look forward to 2012 and all that it has to offer!






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2 thoughts on “New Year 2012!!

  1. Sunshine says:

    Girl, you have been so busy!! I absolutely love all the pictures. And now I have a new resolution. Reading your blog every day!! haha. And camping in 2012. We bought all the stuff last year including dishes and everything but have been too scared to take the kids…but I’m just going to plan it (once it gets a little warmer).

    • Angela says:

      Def wait till it warms up! It was down right cold in our tent at night. But it was a blast and I cannot wait to do it again. It is nice to ‘un-plug’ and just enjoy one another. Maybe we can meet in the middle sometime and have a family camping trip!

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