Germs:  Free Lesson Ideas

Learning About Germs!

This post contains affiliate links. My kids had a blast learning all about germs.  We watched videos, made crafts, and read a few books about germs.  This was certainly a fun week in our homeschool! We are starting our Human Body Unit this week.  Of course we are creating a new lapbook.  Yep,  Human Body Lapbook, here […]

How to make Mullein Flower Oil for earache

Garlic Mullein Oil: Healing An Ear Infection (Or Earache) The Natural Way

Earaches and ear infections are a common occurrence in children.  If you take your child to a traditional doctor for an  ear infection you will most likely be handed a prescription for an antibiotic and possibly pain relieving ear drops.  Instead of a using a prescription you can easily make a home remedy using three ingredients that will both heal and soothe […]


My sweet Alex…thank goodness for homeschooling!

My son Alex is 6.  He is the reason our family chose to homeschool.  Alex is so sweet and sensitive.  He, like me, wears his heart on his sleeve.  His feelings are easily hurt and often hard to mend. We enrolled Alex in preschool when he was 4.  I thought that this was the thing to do.  I quickly learned what a […]


2011-2012 Curriculum

1/30/12 **I have to say that our ‘curriculum’ is under construction….I am dabbling in unschooling also known as  interest-led learning.  We are still working on Horizons Math and I have slowed down quite a bit on reading because I think Alex needs a little more time.  He is currently choosing what he wants to learn for our Unit Studies.  He […]


Baby it’s Cold Outside!!

We live in Florida.  I am not a Florida native but I have certainly acclimated to Florida’s tropical climate.  This morning when we woke up it was a  cool crisp 34 degrees outside.  A quick decision was made….let’s stay inside all day long! It is day 2 of back to school since winter break.  The kids are still gung-ho so […]


Back to school after winter break

I have now lost track of how many weeks we have been ‘officially’ homeschooling and I suppose this is a good thing.  It has certainly become of our lifestyle.  We live it everyday.  I continue to try to make all of or experiences a learning experience.  It really isn’t too difficult.  You just have to find a way to […]

Homemade Deodorant

Homemade Natural Deodorant

This post contains affiliate links. I ditched non-natural store-bought deodorant over a year ago.  I now make homemade natural deodorant using only 3 ingredients.  I ditched the stick due to all of the toxins that deodorants contain.  Non-natural deodorants contain aluminum, parabans, propylene glycol, TEA, DEA, triclosan, talc, and FD & C colors.  These nasty ingredients […]


Homemade Velveeta Cheese

I am slowly replacing many processed items that fill my cabinets and fridge.  My cabinets are emptying out of the many boxes of convienence  foods that were once a staple at our table. I used the last of our velveeta 3 weeks ago.  Velveeta was always around in this house.  One of my favorites is velveeta and rotel…yummmm.  Velveeta was also […]


Alex Reads!! Homeschool Week 10

I am simply overjoyed that Alex has begun to read!  Alex has always loved Math but reading not so much.  This week we moved on to Primary Phonics 1.  This week we introduced the short letter a.  At first he tried to make ‘sounding it out’ a tad more difficult than it is, this is […]