No Poo Shampoo & Conditioner

The No ‘Poo Method: Homemade Shampoo & Conditioner

I am trying to replace all of the household cleaners and body products in our home with natural, mostly homemade, alternatives.  As I come close to running out of a chemical filled product I search for a natural, and cost-effective (AKA cheap), alternative. A few weeks ago I was almost out of my shampoo and conditioner.  I began to research […]

Homeschool:  Free Human Body Lesson Ideas

We Finished Our Human Body Unit!!

This post has affiliate links. *post e/28/15 – we are currently working on our second human body unit, more posts to come! We completed our (first) human body unit today.  It was really fun and the kids learned a bunch.  We used several free resources to complete this unit.  WE watched a few videos.  I […]


Field Trip Friday….Legoland!

I am feeling so content and confident in our decision to homeschool.  I honestly could not imagine not homeschooling.  We are finding our groove in regards to routine.  It also seems that our groove changes frequently.  Routine in our house is not a set written schedule, I tried that and it didn’t work for us.  Our […]


Apple-Cinnamon Bars: Baking with Sucanat & Almond Flour

I am working on getting back into my ‘real food’ groove.  The holidays really messed us up.  I woke up today wanting apple-cinnamon bars so I ‘tweaked’ an old recipe to make it a little better for us. Apple-Cinnamon Bars What you need:  1/2 cup softened butter, 3/4 cup sucanat, 1/2 cup apple butter, 2 eggs, […]


Beginning to Understand Unschooling

I am becoming interested in unschooling.  When our family first decided to homeschool I heard the term ‘unschooling’ and thought that it meant simply not teaching your children.  I could not have been more wrong. Everything I read about unschooling sounds great…and honestly not to different from what we are doing.  So now I am trying […]


It’s Okay, I Actually Enjoy Spending Time with My Kids!

This is my first year homeschooling.  Many of Alex’s friends began attending kindergarten at the local elementary school.  As a new homeschooler I expected to get the ‘socialization’ question a lot but I am finding that the comment I am getting most often is “I couldn’t spend all of my time with my kids, I don’t know how you do […]


Remember…Just Breath

I woke up this morning feeling rather overwhelmed.   Laundry mountain was getting really tall.  Toys all over the floor.  Dishes in the sink (I cannot stand this).  Schoolwork to be done.  I had about 60 pieces of clothes on the table to take photos of so I could list them online once the kids go to be tonight.  Yes, overwhelmed […]

Veggie Greek Pasta

Veggie Greek Pasta

This meal is an all around pleaser in our house.  All of the kids love it (although I have to remove the onions for Ava).  Alex really likes it cold the next day…he gets this from his daddy because I cannot stand cold food! I began making this dish with chicken.  I have recently found that […]


Living & Homeschooling On A (Very Tight) Budget

This post was updated September 17, 2013 Homeschooling is a priority in our family.  My husband and I do whatever we can so  that our children can stay home and learn with us.  Simple living is our key to living and homeschooling on a very tight budget.  We don’t drive fancy cars, live in a […]