Start Your Holiday Shopping Here……

If you plan on placing any orders through Amazon this holiday season I would like to ask you a favor.  Actually a HUGE favor.  If you enter Amazon through the link on my blog I actually benefit from this.  Every little bit counts to me and my family as I am sure that it does to you and yours.

All you need to do is click on the Amazon add here…..

Or over to the right in the sidebar then shop away 🙂

If you choose to do this, thank you from me and my family!

I can potentially (I never have) receive an Amazon gift card.  I buy many of the kids learning items via Amazon and a gift card would be awesome.

AND if you want additional gift ideas (& the  chance to WIN some gifts) please check out the Natural Parents Network Gift Guide Giveaway.

I hope that you have a very very happy holiday season!



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2 thoughts on “Start Your Holiday Shopping Here……

  1. Uncle Dave says:

    Hi Angela-
    am starting my Holliday shopping on Amazon thru your portal. Hope it helps with your “points”

    Hope all is well


    PS. Sandy is up this week and we are having a good visit. I think it is really doing good for Ron.

    • Angela says:

      Thank you Uncle Dave!! I just talked to her, I am glad Nan and Ron have you both. I plan on bringing the kids up for a visit in the Spring. I hope that you are well, and thank you for helping me out 🙂

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