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Two Weeks In Our Lives: Winter Is Gone! (Mamatography Weeks 8 & 9)

March 11th, 2014 | Posted by Angela in Mamatography | Wordless Wednesday

We don’t get too much winter weather here in Florida but it does get a bit chilly.  It seems that the chill is gone and the sun has warmed up the sand and beach weather is back in the sunshine state!  We live in a wonderful location to spend time outdoors and we really took advantage of that in these two weeks.

(This is a double post because even the sun could not keep me from catching the flu for my first time, so I was down for the count and couldn’t post last week.)

Week 8

Day 50  2/19/14

I love cosleeping…


Day 51  2/20/14

Yummy homemade granola bars


Day 52  2/21/14

Of course, you can practice roller skating in the house…


Day 53  2/22/14

She loves to dress up and she is learning how to smile for a camera….


Day 54  2/23/14

Jumping waves!


Day 55  2/24/14

My morning green smoothie matches our kitchen walls very well!


Day 56  2/25/14

Ava is sporting the same dress as Audrey from above along with a bungee cord and a tiara…


Week 9

Day 57  2/26/14

Zoo fun with friends!


Audrey loves to feed the giraffes…


Day 58  2/27/14

She is still loving the piano!


Day 59 2/28/14

We had a field trip where we learned about crabs and mangroves.  We explored outdoors and then came inside to make a craft.  This is Alex’s crab in the mangroves….


Day 60  3/1/14

The kids started their day out with a tea party.  I had to cut Ava out because she wasn’t quite dressed for tea!


Day 61  3/2/14

Ahhhh, more beach!


Day 63  3/3/14

I put off grocery shopping for this beautiful morning at the beach…


Day 64  3/4/14

This is certainly not the best photo but I did the best I could with Audrey attached to me.  We enjoyed a field trip to our dentist and this is Ava with one of her most favorite people Jamie that happens to work at the dentist and live near us.


I am so happy that beach weather is here and that we have so many wonderful friends to spend our days with!

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